"There goes the government's hand, in comes the corporate hand"

This documentary examines the dynamic media scene in Taiwan, which has taken on a Wild West atmosphere since the introduction of press freedom in the last couple of decades.  Journalists, media activists, academics and students are interviewed.  The links below are to audio only from the original show that aired on KPFK.  The Soundslides version combines audio and photos.   

Part 1: Introduction

Taiwan has one of the freeest media systems in Asia, yet all is not well for journalism on this East Asian island. (Episode: 7:41 min)

Part 2: Journalists on the Media

Hear from members of the Association of Taiwan Journalists who explain how ideology and partisanship still set the agenda for the news media. This historical context was laid by decades of a government-controlled media system. (Episode: 4:13 min)

Part 3: Role of the Public

The public plays key roles: as members of civil society groups such as the Taiwan Association for Human Rights, (member shown to the left); and as the audience which helps determine what kind of media system exists simply by tuning in - or out. (Episode: 4:30 min)

Part 5: Students & a labor perspective

Students such as the members of the Solidarity of Communication Students of Taiwan want to work for a more responsible media system.  Securing the rights of working journalists is a key part of the efforts to reform the media. (Episode: 4:40 min)

Part 4: Challenging the system

Members of the Campaign for Media Reform such as professors Chen-Ling Hung and Shih-Hung Lo (left) work to improve Taiwan's media system, in particular through supporting public television. (Episode: 4:51 min)

Part 6: Blogs as a "cure"? & closing credits

Many Taiwanese are looking to the Internet as a solution. Portnoy, among Taiwan's most famous bloggers, sees his medium of choice as a sort of media reform itself. (Episode: 4:40 min)